About Us

Owners Michael and Anna Smith are excited to bring alkaline antioxidant water to the city of Orange and the surrounding areas. Our passion is for healthier living one step at a time. Our health journey has been an interesting one, and we realize everyone has different motivations for embarking on their own healthier lifestyle journeys. What better way to begin than with the quality of water you drink!

All water is not created equal! Water Tree alkaline antioxidant water is life giving, super hydrating, and foundational for good health!

Alkaline Water Benefits

Water Tree Alkaline Antioxidant water has negative ORP’s which is the factor that will prevent your cells from “rusting”, oxidizing, aging, becoming sick. Keep drinking your “whatever’s on sale” bottled water, and you will continue to see the results of free radical damage. Why buy cheap water, but spend thousands on “anti aging” procedures? Why buy cheap water, but spend a fortune at the doctor? Why buy cheap water, but lose productivity from not operating at your peak performance?

What are you waiting for? Water is foundational to life! Your life deserves the best you can offer it!

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