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This place is amazing for so many reasons! It allows us to have the absolute best water for our family, without all of the added toxins that come from the city water supply. It’s also a fabulous resource for anyone living the crunchy & holistic lifestyle...they always have a selection of hard to find items in Orange County.

Minda Ponthieu

No more heart burn, and less joint pain. Great stuff! Thought I'd add to this review since I've been getting our water here for a long time now. My family loves the water, not just because it tastes good, but we stay better hydrated and have noticed improvements in our overall health (resting heart rate, blood pressure, and improved athletic performance). We usually get the Classic, but if I feel like I'm about to get sick, I'll get the hydrogen water and will usually end up feeling better. I haven't been sick in a long time! I also recently started to use the collagen peptides. I train for strongman competitions, so my body gets pretty beat up with cuts, bruises, and various inflammation and soreness. I've noticed my various ailments heal faster, and my joint pain isn't as bad. Which is great, because I can train more frequently and with more intensity. My body still hurts when I wake up, but if it didn't I would probably be dead...it hasn't hurt as much since I started using it. Customer service here is awesome too. We love getting our water here!

Matthew Spaid

I recommend this place to all of my patients, family, and friends! It is so important to have access to healthy products, especially water! And these health warriors definitely have it right when it comes to offering a community the healthiest options for their lifestyle of wellness! This is one if my favorite places to go in southeast Texas, not only just for buying products and resources I know will provide life, but also for the good company. The owners, Anna and Michael, are such amazing, caring people and it shows in how they treat their customers as well as how they choose their employees! If you are in SETX or SWLA and haven't been here yet, I challenge you to go and ask them to educate you on the importance of clean water!

Brett Gschwend

I started drinking Watertree’s premium water in October of this year! Since then, I have become less hungry for food! I also have lost a lot of weight! I have fibromyalgia, and since October I have had less pain which means I have had to take less pain medicine! This water is awesome!

Tiffany C.

So happy we have a place like this here! Don’t know what I would do without it. I feel so much better drinking alkaline water and glad we’re not wasting plastic water bottles anymore. Customer service is awesome too. Highly recommend!

Erin T.

INCREDIBLE Home Filtration System!!! I live in Mauriceville and the taste of our water is low quality and has left stains on our clothing/ towels, as well as influenced the smell of our wash loads poorly. We have always drank either Brita filtered water or water bottles to combat the taste problem, however no amount of cleaning our washer or changing detergent has been able to minimize the wash problem. After Hurricane Harvey, I heard about the Water Tree in Orange from a friend. I begin buying the gallon jugs, 5-gallon container, and individual bottles from the Water Tree weekly. My family and I loved the taste and the ease of simply putting a glass under the 5-gallon jug to dispense it. After comparing the Water Tree to other filtration systems, having Michael (the owner himself) explain the system in its entirety, we decided to install the "Whole House System." This allows for ALL water coming into the house (washing, sinks, showers, etc.) to be filtered. When I say this system is worth it, I mean it. We can now drink the water from the facet and use the ice from our ice maker. There has been a tremendous difference in the way my wash loads smell and I have not experienced any stains since. My family and I are now drinking water that is better hydrating and free of chemicals. I want to thank this company for truly caring about our quality of water. They have educated me and been more than happy to answer all of my questions. I would gladly encourage anyone to install the filtration system, buy water in the jugs, or just reach out to the Water Tree to get more information about the water they are drinking.

Tonya Myers

I normally don’t like the taste of water…it just wasn’t enjoyable to drink. It was also hard for me to buy into a certain kind of water being better for you but after drinking the water from Water Tree I feel a lot better. It has a better taste than any other water I’ve had. I 100% recommend trying water from here.

David P.

Job Title, Dream Tree

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    review rating 5  Great prices. Wonderful customer service. Vwry informative

    thumb sarah lange

    review rating 5  This place is awesome. They are always getting in new products. I usually only get water but I love that there is so many options. They give you advice if you need. I also use some bemer sessions and feel great afterwards. They get to know their customers, you are not just a face in the crowd.

    thumb Sage Ross

    review rating 5  I absolutely love this place and visit at least once a week to fill up my gallons of water.

    thumb You Deserve To Be Protected

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